Culvert Pipe


All below pipes are 6,000mm long, SN4 and has male and female connections to easily fit into other pipes. Culvert Pipes in stock with different prices DN1660 1660mm x 5800mm, DN1400 1400mm x 5800mm, DN1000 1000mm x 5800mm, DN500 500mm x 5800mm, DN300 300mm x 5800mm. These pipes are, •Cost Effective and Fast Installation •Long Service Life for various applications, •Jointing Method assures good connections and water tightness, •Increased flow rates due to smooth inner, •Chemically resistant, •Physically tough and can handle the “loads, knocks and drops”, •High Density Polyethylene has a superior UV life over Polypropylene. All pipe strengths are tested in a hydraulic press to meet the appropriate standards to ensure maximum quality


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