2012 New Holland T7-250 Tractor 4WD


Model: New Holland T7.250
Year: 2012
Horse Power: 147 kW (197 HP)
Hours used: 2,035 h
Traction type: 4 WD
Maximum speed: 50 kph
Transmission: Power Command
Cabin: Yes
Front tyres: 540/65/30
Tread depth on front tyres: 50%
Rear tyres: 650/65R42
Tread depth on front tyres: 60 %
Front loader make: No

Attachment: Air con/heat, Cab, Diesel engine, Clean Overall Condition, Clean Interior Condition, Color Blue, Clean Body Condition, Drive-wheels: 4 WD; All-wheel-drive Pneumatic system, 4 spools, front suspension, SCV, PUH, fr/cab sues, air brakes.


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